Saturday, October 23, 2010

I just wanted to check in and let you all know we are all doing ok. Life around our house is quiet with our our sweet baby Anthony
.Our days are filled with sweet memories of him and wishing that he was still here.John is back to work and the boys are happy to be back to school,
Lindsay is back to school also.
We have decided to still be a foster family for our agency.We will find out on Monday if we will be getting a sweet 3 week old.
I can say that I honestly really miss being at the hospital and miss our nurses and doctors.
Anthony's Make A Wish is still going to happen and we heard that there is a big meeting about how and when this might happen sometime next week.I will let you all know and of course we will be there.We want to honor Anthony and want to make sure his wish is the best that it can be.
Some of you have asked who and where you can donate to and in Anthony's honor.Well we would be honored if you would donate to .This is a brand new organization that wants to help the families of Childrens hospital with basic and living expenses while living at Childrens Hospital and is in honor of Anthony's friend Ashley Avens who lost her battle with AML in Aug 14th of this year.It is just had its first event today.You can learn more about Big Deep on their website..
We hope to be able to help and get more involved in the near future.
So as we have done alot of lately please all Take a Big Deep Breath and have a super weekend.
Thank you all who keep praying for us.
We still need them.

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