Saturday, April 4, 2009

Anthony is doing great! yesterday after clinic Anthony and my dad picked me up from my college, and A-man loved being out and seeing the world.. he was laughing and smiling at all the new sights and smells! it is so neat to be able to bring him out of his little bubble and allow him to experience the world!!

so we took to have his first Pho, holding a 13 month old and trying to eat with chopsticks was not easy.. but somehow I ended up finishing...

here are a couple of pictures:

(he was attacking the soup, and my dad was taking pictures...)

I am thankful that my parents are adopting Anthony! hopefully the agency will have the homestudy to the state by friday.. then the social worked will be able to turn in all her paper work...

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  1. I've been following little Anthony's story for a little while now. I'm so glad to see he is doing well. We will continue praying for you all!!!