Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mr, Anthony Mr Anthony..

(Pictures are not as good as usual..from my cell phone)

Mr Anthony, how do I tell you that i think you are the most amazing 14 month old??

how do I show you that after talking with the doctors today and she said that in 6 weeks you would go in for your transplant?? that everyone agrees that we should not wait for the new protocol to be approved by the FDA? ..and that mommy and daddy are going to get a call so that they can schedule your transplant date??

Mr, Anthony, did you know that today I got to hold you as you got your last chemo before transplant??

oh, and Mr man.. did you know that the doctors are amazed at how good you look, compared to what you looked like a year ago when you were sitting in the NICU all by yourself... I still don't know what you looked like.. but Anthony I know you were REALLY SICK , how do I tell you that I am scared, that I'm am worried about your transplant... but at the same time I know that God is protecting you,he has plans for you you.. He knew that you would be sick even before you came out of your birth mommy' tummy.. God has used you little man in ways you will never know..

Mr, Anthony, I think God for you everyday, I thank him for the gift that he has given to mommy, daddy, Charlie, and me! I thank you Anthony, because I am closer to God because of you.. I remember when I was a little girl on my birthday or when I would be walking I would blow on a Dandelion and wish for a baby brother..little did I know God would allow that wish to come true but in ways I never thought..

Mr, Anthony.. I hope one day I can tell you how much you mean to me, how much I am in love with my little brother, and I can not wait for mommy and daddy to adopt you!! soon... we are waiting on adoption support...and that is all..

Oh and did you know that daddy loves you alot? he sat in the chair holding you for 6 hours, he was so hungry that he ate a frozen hot pocket that I bought from my school for him to heat up? but he was so hungry that he grabbed it from my hands and ate it..

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  1. I think I finally figured out how to follow this and leave a message! :) Glad to hear little Anthony is doing well. I know transplant will be scary for you, but he will do just fine! Look at how much he has already overcome. Hoping you get a date soon so you can start preparing.
    HLH/BMT buddy