Saturday, May 2, 2009

Leaning on our Father

The past couple of days have been really hard for Anthony and I.The hospital is basicly on Lockdown and we aren't aloud to walk except on our floor with him,They have closed all playareas so Anthony whos 14 months wants to crawl and get around and he can't..We finally got a mat in our room but we have sargent Nurse who won't unhook him from his line for 2 hours so he can crawl and be a normal baby for a bit.
We haven't and our family can't come see us due to Mr.Feisty's fever and flu bug....We are missing our family and I am missing my boys..Everytime I talk to them I just start crying...I hate being away from them.
Last night our roommate 11 year sweetest girl who had bone cancer was in such pain that she was crying..I started asking God Why do these poor and innocent children have to suffer.Why do they have to be in such pain.She is finally sleeping and resting after a rough night.
Please pray for Fortress that his Fever will break,Please pray for Anthony that he can get rest and get to go home soon.
Today I am just leaning on our heavenly father and trusting that he knows what is best for our family .

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