Saturday, May 2, 2009

Today was a ok day we just had a few quirks like not knowing who our nurse was for 5 hours but other than that it was ok....Our roommate is 11 and she has a Rare Bone cancer and had a bone replacement and shes the most sweetest thing...Her bed was being changed so she asked if she could come talk and play with Anthony and of course I said yes...While we were talking she asked me about Anthony and what was wrong with him and I explained to her about HLH and then she asked if I was Religious and I said yes and she said in the sweetest voice "Can I pray for Anthony" I of course said yes and asked if I could pray for her and she said yes...She left and I sat here thinking this sweet Innocent girl who is in so much pain and suffering and may lose her leg is asking to pray for my Baby...Thank You For sending us this angel today!!! You knew I needed it.Please pray for her she may have an infection and if its is they will have to take out the donated bone and put in a rod.
Anthony is sleeping now.


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  1. What a sweet girl, I will pray for her and your baby. God Bless You.