Sunday, May 3, 2009

Today was a good day...We got a Positive blood culture from Wednesday so they took and did another culture today and his Hemocrits are a little low so we are watching that..It was 22 today so if it goes any lower we will be getting a blood transfusion tomorrow and those are no fun..4 hours of him being bugged with blood pressures.We are suppose to go home so if transfusion it would probably be in late afternoon.
Anthony played with our neighbor today and it was so cute watching them play together.She gave Anthony Chocolate pudding and he loved it..I told her if anthony eats pudding she has to drink and the deal was good...Anthony is sleeping now so hopefully it will be a uneventful night and all will sleep.
Mr.Feisty fever finally broke so we are so excited to go home tomorrow to be with our family!!!!
Thanks so much for praying for us this week.
God Bless

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