Saturday, June 27, 2009

headed to the hospital

Anthony has been admitted to the hospital, but the Dr's are not sure quite yet whether or not it will delay transplant.

Original post:

Anthony has a temperature of 100.5 so my parents are on their way to the hospital.. we don't know what is wrong with him yet but we are assuming that it is a blood infection because that is why we go into the hospital most of the time.

We are praying that somehow someway, this wont delay his transplant any longer.. but it most likely will is what I am guessing


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  1. As the mother of a miracle baby I have seen God work miracles, there were times when the doctors told us that we had no hope, but our hope is in the Lord, and with him all things are possible, I will remember your little miracle in my prayers, and for God to work a miracle in his life!