Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Anthony is finally sleeping and I get to look up the medicine he is on and Oh how I am scared for my baby boy.I sit here and wonder if anyone really knows what its like to see him just cry and we aren't sure what is ahead and hearing the nurses say that this isn't the harshest chemotherapy and that is to start on Saturday.I am scared and hope to God that he has his hands on Anthony and that he knows what is best for our baby boy.Please pray for Anthony and all the side effects and that he will get some sleep and rest.Pray for the side effects that he is already having and its only 2 doses and he has 2 more doses tonight and 3 more days of 4 doses and then we get new chemo for 4 more days.God please watch over him tonight and please take this irriablity away from him.


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