Wednesday, July 15, 2009

As I sit here Anthony is sleeping..With finally figuring out which pain meds and all he was able to sleep last night.He awoke this morning and even played for awhile.He is getting Dose # 5 of 16 doses of busulfan and then on Saturday he will start 3 days of ATG and Cytoxan those are the really big guns and all the docs were surprised he was having side effects from the busulfan but they are keeping on top of it and not going to have his aggravated at all.I am so thankful we have nurses who generally have known him since before we became his family and for that I know they want him to be comfortable and he is getting the best care in Washington.
So please pray for Anthony that the side effects will be minimal and that he will get the rest he needs.Pray for John and I as we are taking care of him that we get the rest we need.

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