Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 5

Last night seemed good,We would have to suction his mouth out every 2 hours and change a diaper and that takes 2 people so I was up all night but he would always go back to sleep.
He somehow got his hospital gown off and now is sleeping in just a diaper.
Anthony is allowing us to hold him for a few minutes at a time.
He is going to get a Hair cut and be a little bald baby today but he will match all the other kids here on the floor.And be as cute as ever.
Please continue to pray for his comfort level with the pain.
Pray that he gets the rest he needs
Pray that his new cells will start growing and he they will be engrafted sooner than the doctors expect.
Pray that we get the sleep and rest we are needing to take care of him and the big kids at home.


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