Monday, July 27, 2009

Superman Jump

Earlier today A-man wasn't doing to good, but I have to say when I went to see him after school, he was laying in his crib with his eyes open, I went over to him and told him hi and that I loved him. Within five minutes of me being there Anthony stood up in his crib and wanted to be held, so I let down the crib and he put his hands on my shoulder and jumps up and over the crib, I call it the super man jump!! and he gave me a hug,.
he would not let me put him down for quite some time which is a huge change to how he has been all weekend with not wanting to be held or touched...

It was so nice to see him feel a lot better than what he has been doing...

you have made it so far! may God continue to heal and protect you.. you are an amazing little boy and I can not say how thankful I am for you!! you are in my prayers day and night..
Love, Big sissy

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