Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day + 13

Anthony has been sleeping since yesterday afternoon with about an hour of being up and playing but that is what we want him to do is Rest and heal.So we had a good night and the nurses are figuring out how to change his diaper upside down.
Anthony is going to get some platelets today.
His #'s are going up
White Blood Cell- 4300
Nucleated Red Cells - Down to 1
ANC- 2451 So one more day of this # being Over 500 and he will be considered En grafted.He will have a specific blood test on day +20 to make sure he is truly en grafted.
Please pray that he will start to pee...He is retaining water and looks like the little Michelin man.
Pray for rest for him.
Pray that they can start weaning him off his pain medicine drip soon.
We believe the Mucousitis is clearing up in his throat.


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