Friday, August 7, 2009

Day +15

Anthony has been awake alot since yesterday but he did sleep overnight when he wasn't having his blood pressure checked.
His numbers are climbing and some dropped today.

WBC- 7900
Nucleated Red Cells-0

His Liver and Kidney numbers are dropping so please continue to pray for his liver and kidneys to get to a healthy level.He is still retaining alot of water and it seems to be in his head and chest.This could be why he isn't sleeping well.
They have started tapering him off his Dilaudid and he is starting to take some of his medicine by mouth which is good.
He seems in really good spirits and will even crack a smile once in a while.He loves o flirt with all his nurses and he loves to go visit his friend Sydney when he goes for walks.
Please pray for his puffiness and water retention
Pray for sleep for him
Pray for continued Engrafting of the cells and that he will start making his own Platelets soon.


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