Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day +14

Anthony seems to be doing a bit better.His sissy Lindsay came to play with him yesterday and he played with her.He still sleeps alot but that is good.He is up each afternoon and evening.
His Kidney function and Liver blood counts are coming down and he seems to be peeing alot more.
Here are the #s for today
ANC-3420 So he is en grafted but the real test will be on Day +20 when they check for old cells vs New cells.
Nucleated Red Cells are 1
White Blood Cells are 6000
Please pray for his Kidneys and liver to return to normal
Pray for sleep and rest as this heals him
He gets his feeding tube in today when his daddy comes to put it in.So he will start with some pedialyte today and hopefully get switched to formula soon.


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