Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day +16

Anthony got some sleep last night and has been playing all morning and his favorite nurse Amy took him out on a walk already.
His daddy brought his Exersaucer and he seems to like having a familiar toy from home.
His #s are down a little today but the doctors say they will go up and down.
Nucleated Red Cells-2
Red Blood cells-3.29
They are doing some tests to check his thyroid to see if it could be the results of his hypertension.
His weight is down to 9.6 KG and hasn't gained anymore over night. He did start on feeds yesterday and is doing well on his new big boy formula.
Please pray for Rest and sleep
Pray for his high blood pressure and his puffiness.
Pray that he can start weaning off some of the I.V. Medicines and go to oral medicines.
Pray his Platelets can start en grafting.


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