Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day+ 17

Anthony seems to be doing ok.
He is loving having his daddy with him and also having his exersaucer with him.
His #s are going up and down.
He has been put on another blood pressure medicine.
Please pray for his blood pressure and his puffiness.
His feeds are being upped every 12 hours and is doing good on them.
He is being weaned off his dilaudid by 1 mcg a day.
The doctors are also giving him more by mouth medicine instead of I.V. form.This is a good thing.We want to go home when he is ready and when Anthony is ready and we don't want his I.V. medicines in the way.
Please pray for sleep and rest for Anthony and John tonight.
Pray for Peace for our family as we are seperated.Pray for the big boys who aren't able to go see Anthony right now as they are coughing a little.
Pray for Lindsay as she finishes the final 2 weeks of her summer quarter that she can get all her studying done with helping with the big boys and her mom and dad.
We really couldn't do it without her.


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