Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day +20

Anthony had a good night and slept for the most part until our nurse took his blood and wanted to change a huge diaper but then I got up patted him on his back and asleep he went until 8:00 this morning.
He is having a few more stools and so they are going to cut back on his feeds to see if that could be the cause and I believe his tummy has been hurting he has been a bit more agitated than the last couple days.
His blood pressure has been high and low and he has needed extra blood pressure medicine to control it.
His weight has been staying the same 9.8 kilos so that is good.He is still pretty puffy.He will have the puffiness until he is off the steroids.
He is getting weaned off his steroids but its a 12 week process.
Today his Labs were a bit lower and he did receive some Platelets
WBC: 3100
Platelets: 12000
Please pray that Anthony is less agitated.
Pray for his tummy that it will feel better
Pray for his blood pressure as that seems to be a big issue for him.Pray they can find the right combination to keep it under control.
Pray his cells keep growing.
Pray we get to go home soon..John put up on our board Anthony wants to go home by Day +28 and the doctor just put a smily face and said we shall see.


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