Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day +21

Anthony is doing good.He is still sleeping alot.He is awake about 5 hours a day but then wants to play at 5:00am.So I have been taking naps during the day with him.
He has a new rash on his belly and so the doctors are watching that closely and if it continues he will have to have a skin test on it to make sure its not GVHD (Graft versus Host Disease).Usually all kids with transplant get some kind of GVHD.
His Test on his stools all came back Negative so we are keeping him on a lower dose of Formula to rest his stomach.
He is getting weaned off his pain medicine slowly and should get a lower dose tomorrow.He is getting some of his medicines just as needed now and is taking 3 medicines by mouth.
His numbers are up from yesterday:
Platelets: 42000
WBC: 4.2
He overall is doing good.
Please pray for his new rash that it will subside and not be GVHD
Pray for rest and Anthony's spirit while here.
Pray for Pain control as they are weaning him off his pain medicines that they don't do it too fast.
Pray for his Cells to grow.
The doctors are impressed and say he is doing everything he is suppose to be doing and he is doing it all early so that was good to hear.


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  1. I said a prayer for sweet little Anthony today... bless you!