Friday, August 14, 2009

Day +22

Anthony slept through the night with 1 wake up.He seems to be doing good.
He is getting platelets today and they have raised that threshold to 30,000 for him to receive new platelets as there was some blood in his stool today.
The doctors are keeping a close eye on his rash and making sure he isn't stooling too much.She is worried about GVHD in his gut.
His Dilaudid got bumped down to 8 Mcg and he seems to be doing good on that.His feeds are still at 10 just because they are worried about the GVHD.
His counts are good and some went up and some went down from yesterday.
Hematrcrit: 28.3
Platelets: 20,000
WBC: 5.0
ANC: 3900
Please continue to pray for sleep and rest for Anthony
Pray for pain control
Pray that Anthony doesn't get GVHD in his gut and that his rash will go away on his stomach.
Pray for his continued blood pressure issue and that the right medicines can be figured out.
Would you also pray for a friend of our her on the floor, She is having a real hard time and could really use all the extra prayers .You can call her A when you pray and I know God will know who you are talking about. Also say a prayer for her parents and family as its so hard for them to see there daughter so sick.


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