Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day +28

Anthony is doing good after surgery.He just hasn't slept all but 5 hours in 24 hours.Please pray he sleeps soon.
We are still waiting to hear if he has Gut GVHD but his skin GVHD is not being nice to Anthony and is irritating him alot.

The Doctor was talking Going home but I really don't get excited and she said to go home:
He needs to be En grafted
He needs to be on his medicines orally
GVHD under control with medicines
I realistically see us going home in about another 4 weeks.I just don't want to come back.

Please pray for sleep
Pray for his itchiness and agitation
Pray for the biopsy's to come back today so if he does have GVHD in the gut we can get started on the medicines today.
Pray for his blood pressures to keep stabilizing
Pray for our family that we can be together sooner than later.


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