Tuesday, August 18, 2009

After surgery

Anthony is out of surgery and is sleeping now.
The colonoscopy and endoscopy showed some ulcers and so their was some biopsy's and we won't know the results until tomorrow sometime.The doctors are really thinking it is GVHD of the gut.
They are also cutting back on his steroids to see if that was part of his agitation.He has very sensitive skin so its not much of holding Anthony.
The doctors and everyone are just trying to keep him comfortable.
Please pray for Anthony to be comfortable and sleep.
Pray for his skin to be less irritable and for the GVHD of his skin to subside quickly.
Pray for quick results from the biopsy and for all the doctors and nurses caring for Anthony.
I want to Thank you for all your prayers and love for Anthony.Thank you for joining us in this Journey of Anthony's life.


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