Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day +28

Anthony has had a pretty good day.He is still really itchy and irritable when its time for his medicine.I have found some Avenno in my bag and have been putting that on him about every 3 hours and that seems to calm everything down also.Please pray for his itchiness and that it will calm down on his own.

Anthony's new line is about to break so he looks like a Saran wrap baby the doctors are going to talk about it tomorrow but to fix it they would have to put in a PICC Line soon as the Central line can't be used for 24 hours.So he may be having surgery once again this week or early weekend as he needs both lumen's for all his medicine.

Anthony has C-Diff which he got here so he starts Flagyl for 10 days...All i was worried about was being locked in a closed room with him for 10 days but he can still take his walks.We just have to wash our hands extra long and we will be using avenno also for dry hands.

Please pray for Anthony's skin to heal and not be so itchy.
Pray as they taper off some of his medicines that he will be able to tolerate them.
Pray for Sleep for Anthony as he really isn't sleeping alot.
Pray we can go home Soon...I can feel the days getting so long in here and we have been here for 52 days.

Charlie got to come see his baby brother and wasn't too impressed with the pictures of Anthony's Gut and bottom..I don't think he will be our doctor.I think the boys were happy to see each other.


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