Friday, August 21, 2009

Day + 29

Anthony is HLH FREE and is 30-40% En Grafted So I am praising Jesus even with NO Sleep and being up with our crabby guy last night.

Anthony's skin is really itchy and so we are going to start a new topical medicine to see if it will help him.His nurse said it will help or wont so its a trial by error right now.

Anthony has C-Diff of his colon so he is on a new medicine for that.
Anthony was grumpy baby last night so we are hoping he will start feeling better soon.They believe its from his Steroids but he should be tapered down to the lower dose by Sunday.

Please pray for sleep for both of us as 1 hour isn't enough for either of us.
Pray for his itchiness and skin from the GVHD that the medicines start working soon.
Pray for his blood pressures to stabilize.

Praise Jesus he is HLH FREE!!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!

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