Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day + 30

Anthony had a good night and slept all through his vitals and was in a good mood this morning.

He keeps pulling his feeding tube out this morning so we pulling it out and gave him a bath and now he is keeping it in.John had him eating some cheese pizza,raspberry sherbet,chicken and fries.So pray that he will start eating and the feeding tube can come out soon.

We got a new doctor today which is a bummer..We have to get used to him now for 2 weeks and then we get a new doctor.We are praying we are home by then.
Anthony got Platelets today. But his Numbers are rising.

Pray for sleep for Anthony
Pray for the agitation.
Pray that his numbers keep rising
Pray for his itchiness and GVHD medicine to start working
Pray also that the doctors will start weaning him off all his pain medicine and his I.V. Medicines so we can bring our baby home.

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