Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day + 31

Anthony is doing good.He is starting to eat a little bit and use a cup.Which is Very good.
The Doctors are increasing his feeds and keeping his medicines the same until tomorrow.
We are hoping that the I.V medicines start getting weaned soon.
He is becoming a very active little boy and I believe a very bored baby in his hospital room.If anyone would like to come up and play with him you are more than welcome 10:00am-8:00pm.
Please pray:
For his GVHD in the gut and skin to heal with the medicines
Pray we can start Weaning him off some of his I.V Medicines and going to by mouth medicines
Pray for his C-Diff to heal
Pray for Anthony's mind and soul as he is stuck in the hospital.
Pray for his body to still en Graft his new cells and that we can bring a healthy boy home soon.
Anthony wants to tell Ms.Vicki thank you for coming to see him.It was great to see her.
Please pray for all the sweet kids that are on the floor that they will be healed.I really believe we are meant to pray for them all and pray for their healing.

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