Monday, August 24, 2009

Day + 32

Anthony is eating everything John seems to put in front of him..He especially likes the Garlic Popcorn that his friend Gracie and Emma brought him a few weeks back.
The doctors are weaning him back on his pain Medicine and other medicines and they are going to start giving him slowly his medicines by mouth.We should be able to go home in the next 2 weeks if he doesn't get any blood infections or anymore set backs.

Please pray :
NO Blood Infections or Set Backs
That Anthony will take to taking all his medicines by mouth or his feeding tube.
Pray that he will start eating all his food by mouth.
Pray for his pain and cutting back of all his medicines that he will take it well

We have been in the hospital 2 months today and I do believe we are ready to be home all together again very soon.

Thank you again for praying for Anthony and our family.


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