Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day +34

Anthony is doing really good.He is weaning off his I.V.Medicines and is doing good.He is down to 6 MCG of Morphine and we will try him on oral Morphine tomorrow to see if he can handle that.The doctors are more worried about him going through withdrawing from it and the side effects.

Anthony has a bubble belly button so the OR team is coming to look at it to see if its a Herniated.I think it will just be a watch and see whats going on with it and he won't need surgery any time soon.

His line needs repaired so we may be in here until next Thursday but they are hoping to repair his line Friday or Saturday and then we have to be here 48-72 hours after that.
His Numbers are climbing and he is doing so well.

Please Pray as they are transitioning him from I.V. Medicines to oral that his stomach can take it.
Pray for the transition from Oral morphine that he won't have the side effects or alot of with drawl symptoms.
Pray for sleep for him
Pray that he will start eating more and more by mouth so the feeding tube can go.
Pray for this bubble on his belly button to disappear.


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