Friday, August 28, 2009

Day + 36

Anthony is doing great.He had a few bumps last night with withdrawals from the morphine but overall he is doing awesome.We are going to try and do some water bolus's so he gets all the fluid he needs so we don't have to put in a Peripheral line for fluids.
I will have to come in Sunday to go over his medicine's and he has about 20 or so with the PA and then he is set to go home on Monday.
The little girl that got her transplant the same time as Anthony went home today so that was encouraging and she was so cute and brought Anthony a smiley balloon.
He got his line repaired and so it will be 24-48 hours of not using it.
We don't have to put in a peripheral Line in
Pray for Withdrawal symptoms to subside
That he will start eating more and more
NO line Infections as they just did a line repair.
Pray we get to go home in 3 days!!!!


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