Saturday, August 29, 2009


Anthony had a good night last night.The doctors are trying to give him Water bolus's until tomorrow to see if we can just give those to him instead of hooking him up to it through his central lines.We are hoping this will work so that he doesn't have to be hooked up to a IV fluids at night.
Anthony and his daddy got to go out on a pass today so they walked around the neighborhood and ended up at a park.It must of made him tired he came back and slept.
Anthony hasn't needed any extra pain medicine which is a good thing for him.
We are scheduled to go home sometime early next week.
I counted his medicines and I believe it is 14-16 medicines.
Please pray:
For Anthony's electrolytes to be OK on just the water bolus's
For Anthony to come home soon and not have to go back to the hospital.
For Anthony's cells to grow and en graft and for his GVHD to clear so he can get off all his immunosuppressent drugs
For Anthony to start eating more and more by mouth.He loves BBQ Chips and Rice Krispies treat


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