Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day +38

Anthony is coming home on Day +39 and Day 66 days in the hospital tomorrow.He is coming home on 20 + medicines but he En Grafted...No HLH and he's doing so good.He got to go on a walk to the park with his sister.
He is getting some Red Cells today because he was right on the border and its so much easier to do in the hospital then have to sit for 6 hours at the SCCA and do it.
I am scared but happy to bring him home and everyone has been cleaning our house and getting it ready for Anthony.
Please pray as we bring him home that he will stay out of the hospital.
Pray for his GVHD to get under control.
Pray as we taper him off his pain medicines.
Pray for his magnesium and potassium levels to be where they are at so he doesn't have to go on Fluid I.V. at home.
Pray that he will start eating more and more by mouth.
Pray for all his cells to grow.
There were literally alot of prayers sent up for Anthony and we ask that you still pray for Anthony as we have a long journey for him to be a healthy little boy.


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