Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 48

I went and saw Anthony and he is having lots and lots of fun with his big Sissy but I miss my little man so I am going for a night and then he wants his big sissy and daddy for the weekend.
Anthony is having a PICC Line in his right arm..So long sleeve shirts for now so he won't play with it..
Anthony had a Ultrasound of his clavicle and the clot that was there is GONE! So it was amazing to see the doctor say I don't know where it went...I know and you know who healed him and it's just a little miracle and we know who to Praise.
Anthony is coming home on Sunday if all is alright with him..he will come home on 2 antibiotics and it will be tough and tiring but at least my baby boy will be able to play with his big brothers and have freedom at home.
Please pray:
For surgery tomorrow that the PICC Line will go in smoothly
Pray for Anthony's Cells to grow
Pray for Anthony as he is getting anxious in the hospital that we can come home on Sunday.


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