Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day + 49

Anthony had his PICC line placed today in his Right arm and for now he has been sleeping and doing OK..
He really didn't sleep last night or yesterday for Lindsay so he may have some catching up to do.I believe the Peripheral Line in his foot was bothering him.
His Platelets went up from yesterday so he is doing really good.
He hasn't been eating alot of people food so we are upping his formula through his NG Tube.This may be due to some of the GVHD in his gut.
We are going home on Sunday on 1 oral antibiotic and 1 IV antibiotic and a 2 hour infusion of Magnesium
Pray that Anthony gets his appetite back and wants to eat food by mouth.
Pray his Cells keep growing and his Platelets keep rising on their own.
Pray that the GVHD in his gut and skin will be under control so in 51 days we can come back to Seattle Hospital and not be at SCCA so we can have our regular doctors back.
Pray for no more Blood infections
Pray that Anthony can start taking his Magnesium by mouth soon as this will keep the line in as long as he needs it.
Thank you again for praying for our sweet boy..He has truly been a trooper through all this.We Thank God everyday that he is watching over him and us.

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  1. Anthony's story is amazing. I am praying for his continued healing and the whole family's strength through this whole process.