Friday, September 11, 2009

Day + 50

Anthony slept last night and has been doing good with his new PICC line in.
John and I got trained on the PICC Line so we are all set to go home on Sunday after our supplies get here.
Anthony will go home on the antibiotics but he will be free to roam the house which will lift his spirits and be with his big brothers and sister at home.
Please pray:
For Anthony's Cells and Platelets to continue to grow
Pray for John and I as it is exhausting doing all the medicines and Dr Appointments .We will going to clinic 3Xs a week for the next month or so
Pray for No more blood infections
Pray that his body and tummy will allow for him to take the magnesium by mouth instead of IV...
Pray we stay home and that we don't have any more hospital visits.

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