Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day +73 and +74

I went and got Anthony and John early afternoon on Saturday.Anthony seems to have adjusted to be home and is finding everything that he isn't suppose to get into.
He is even eating a little more than at the hospital.
It's so nice to be home and not hear all the beeping of machines,Nurses out having a party outside our door at 2am.
I really hope we can stay out of the hospital.Anthony will have some workups to see how his Transplant is going and how good he is doing.We are hoping that he is doing good enough to go back to seeing his Dr's At Children's Hospital.
Please pray:
Anthony will start eating by mouth
For his GVHD to subside so he can get off some of the Immunosuppressent medicines
Pray for all the Immunosuppressent kids as the Fall/Winter can be very dangerous for all of them.
Pray for Anthony as we are only taking him out to the Doctors that he will stay well from the Flu and cold.
Pray for all of us to be healthy this Fall/Winter.


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