Monday, October 5, 2009

Day +75

Anthony went to the doctors and he is doing amazingly well.
We are going to be busy mommy and Anthony starting next week as we start up our Day+80 workup to see if we can go back to our doctors at Children's Hospital by Mid November.
We are hoping that his GVHD is under control so we only have to go back to the Transplant once a month.
We were told that as long as Anthony has the PICC Line he will continue to get Blood infections.
We are on a Predisone taper will end about Oct 24th and starting to taper off MMF another Immunosuppressent on Thursday.
Please pray:
That Anthony has no infections so we can get thru with all the testing that needs to be done.
Pray that we can get off the immunosuppressent drugs soon so that he will be less likely to get Blood infections.
Pray that we can get Anthony to start eating by mouth and also taking his Magnesium and Potassium by mouth with out diarrhea so we can eventually get a Port Catheter under his skin.


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