Sunday, November 22, 2009

Anthony has been on Pedialyte all day yesterday and has stooled alot less and so we will try Formula today.If he starts stooling more then we will take him in.The doctor I talked to yesterday didn't seem to concerned so we shall see when we put him on the formula. His bottom is looking alot better.When he is up he is totally himself and playing with his big brothers and sister.

Please pray that his gut will be able to take the formula and that he will not start stooling more.
Pray this isn't GVHD flaring up.
Pray we can stay home and this was just some kind of bug.I am really scared that we are going to end up in the hospital tonight and that is the last place we want to be at this time in our lives.So I am trusting God that he knows what is best for Anthony.

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