Sunday, November 22, 2009

Anthony went to the hospital today and his labs are very good.Some of his Liver tests are a bit high but we got to come home.
Before we came home we went by to our friends Ashley's room and she was suppose to get a transplant on Dec 5th but her Cancer came back...I was almost in tears as her family told me we have come to love and care for Ashley very much.She is the sweetest teenager that is having to skip her senior year at high school to fight this terrible awful disease called Cancer.Will you please pray for Ashley and her family as she starts a new Chemotherapy to clear the cancer so she can get her transplant soon.
Pray for Anthony to feel better.I guess I was just wanting to be more cautious and wanted to hear he was doing OK.
Pray for his liver to get back to normal soon.
Pray that his stooling slows down.


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