Friday, April 9, 2010

Anthony had a pretty hard night with just me holding him ,He was pretty wrest less and non consolable.
He is getting a CAT Scan to see if the doctors are missing something.They are also calling in Renal and other doctors to see if they might know what is going on with him.
He may be getting a PICC line in as well as we may be here for awhile, and they have to poke him every time they want a blood sample.
I have asked if this could be the return of HLH and its on the doctors radar but she isn't too concerned unless nothing shows up with his CAT Scan today.As his mom I am pretty scared,that its returned and don't even want to think of what could happen if it is back.
There are many requests just pray the doctors find out SOON what is wrong with our sweet boy.I just hold him and can't even imagine our lives without him.
Pray for John as he is coming up tonight and I am home with the big kids.Pray for Sleep for Anthony that he can just SLEEP.
Pray for our family as we are awaiting test results.This is very scary for us and we need all the prayers right now.

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