Saturday, April 10, 2010

Anthony has had a very busy day yesterday.He had an emergency CT Scan and they tried to put in a PICC line but the doctor weren't able to get one in because he has so many clots in arm.
So he has a PIV again in his foot.He is getting some TPN and lipids so he can get some gut rest.
His electrolytes aren't normal.
The CT scan showed no internal bleeding but a little thickening of his Bowels which the doctors think is the GVHD.
He isn't thrashing around this morning and even said Hi Momma to me on the phone.
Please pray the doctors figure out why his electrolytes are so out of whack.
Pray that he starts to feel better and that the TPN and Lipids will start making him feel better.
Pray for sleep in his own crib as he doesn't like to sleep in his crib only in our little parents bed.

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