Saturday, April 24, 2010

Anthony is back to puking today...So we are thinking the Doctors are going to start the new GVHD Medicine next week.I don't know the name of the medicine but he will put in a Bigger Bubble if he gets put on this medicine because he will more acceptable to infections.

Please pray Anthony starts feeling better soon.
Pray for his GVHD to subside soon so we can go home in the sometime future..We have been in the hospital 5 weeks.
Pray for his blood pressure's.

Pray for his spirit..He seems to like our little walks they are letting us take outside.So please pray for nice weather here in Seattle so he can get out of his room.

We had 2 visitors this week.His friend Sydney who was a year ago fighting cancer and found out this week she is NOW CANCER FREE...Thank You Jesus!!!
Our newest friend Louisa came by after her school a couple of times last week.He really enjoys her coming by and doing her little dance for him..

Over the past 22 months since we have been with Anthony we have met some amazing kids and they are all like family to us.I am just amazed the spirit and the fight these children have.

Thank you again for praying for our sweet baby boy....You all don't know how much we appreciate it.


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