Friday, April 23, 2010

Anthony is just kinda hanging out..We are trying his feeds again to see if he can handle them..If he isn't able to start handling them by the beginning of next week he will be put on a very strong GVHD medicine ,there are many draw backs to going on this medicine and we will defiantly be home and not able to do anything this summer/fall.It would be very dangerous for us to take him out if he goes on this new medicine.
When I left him tonight with John he had taken about 10 Oz of milk so far with a little bit of vomiting.
Please pray that Anthony will be able to handle his milk.I am a little scared to start a new medicine but if this will get Anthony's GVHD under control we are willing to try it.
Pray his Beclomethosone will start kicking in .
We are so thankful that the doctors have let us take walks outside and get Anthony out of his room.He seems to enjoy getting out of his room.
Pray the Flagyl will work and get rid of the C-diff so he can see all his friends on the floor.He misses the interaction of the nurses and all the kids on the floor.
Pray for Sleep for Anthony..He actually slept last night.
Pray his PIV's will stay in longer than 2 days..They are running out of places to put a New Line.

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