Friday, May 7, 2010

So it seems we will be here for who knows how long...And personally I am starting to hate this hospital....
Anthony is doing good on his feeds.For some reason the doctors think that he has Chronic C-Diff and are treating that way and are keeping him on antibiotics that he may not even need.This is very frustrating for me and I am ready to go home.
He is getting weekly IVIG while we are here.Which looks like we may get to go home by the end of Summer...
His electrolytes are out of whack but then again they are giving him Potassium that makes him stool 10-15 times a day.But then again I have told the BMT Team this for the last 10 months ...I don't know why they wont listen to me..
Please pray Anthony will get some sleep and that he will start feeling better soon.


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