Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anthony had a good night last night.He slept for most of the night.When he woke up this morning he watched some elmo and is asleep right now.He seems a little less grumpy but we will see.
He is going to kept up in the ICU to keep an eye on his puffiness.
The nurses did put him on blow by oxygen late last night.
Our doctor for the BMT is going to talk to some Hematology doctors about other therapys to take care of the clots in Anthony's body.
His Liver Functions are going down.
Please pray for his Liver functions to stabilize.
Pray that he will stay calm and that the medicines he is on will calm him down so he doesn't get so worked up.Pray for his withdrawals from the medicines.
Pray that his airway will remain clear and that he will be able to breathe on his own.


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