Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not much has changed except Anthony is more and more agitated and i has been very hard to keep him sedated.We have had a great nurse the last 2 days and she said if we weren't here helping that he would probably need getting 1 on 1 care with a nurse to keep him safe from bumping his head and pulling his leads,lines and NG tube out.They have put him on a Dilaudid drip and the rate has gone up in the last 3 hours and he keeps getting bolus of dilaudid and ativan and nothing is working.He is still getting chlor hydrate but he can only have that every 6 hours.
There are still no decisions on his Clots and how to treat them.His heparin level are finally therapeutic levels and the BMT doctors are hoping they will take care of themselves.The ICU doctors are not even close to thinking about this.The BMT Doctors are putting in a
referral for the Hematology doctors to come and finally take a look at Anthony and see what they can do to help our sweet baby.
Please pray for Anthony's sedation and keeping him comfortable.
Pray for the hem Doctors to come today.We need answers NOW not another day or two.
Keep Praying I keep asking how much can his little body take.He is a very strong and feisty little guy but he is tired and I know he just wants to feel better and we want our sweet baby back with us.

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