Thursday, June 3, 2010

Anthony is doing ok..he even opened his eyes today. Our nurse and PICU doctors are surprised that he is such a fighter and still awake sometimes with all the medicines they are sedating him with.
We started the TPA and Heparin about 12:30pm today.Please pray for no complications and that the Clots will start dissolving very soon.
Anthony weighs about 10.6 KG which about 1.4 of that is water.The diuretics seem to be working but he is so positive on his fluids.
The next couple of days will be very busy with blood draws,ultersounds.
Please pray that the TPA starts working soon.
Pray for the extra fluids to come off.
Pray for our sweet baby to relax.
Pray for all the nurses and doctors in his care that they have the knowledge to care for our sweet boy.

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