Friday, June 4, 2010

Anthony is such a fighter..He woke up and got his restraints off and went right for his breathing tube..I kept telling them he was getting used to the pain medicines and thy needed to give him something else..Well he is now on another muscle relaxer and it seems to be keeping him comfortable.
He will be getting some plasma until he gets off the TPA and they want to keep his platelets over 100,000 as he is getting all the blood and clot thinners.So he may be getting more transfusions in the coming days.
His swelling has gone down in his chest and right side a little bit so that is encouraging.
Please keep praying for the TPA to start working and the swelling in his upper body go down.
Pray for the clots to dissolve quickly.
Pray they can keep him sedated as he is such a fighter.

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