Saturday, June 5, 2010

Anthony is a little less puffy and so we are happy about that...He is a very feisty boy and seems to like to get his hands lose and go straight for his breathing tube.
He had a ultrasound yesterday and it showed not alot of changes from the previous ultrasounds.So they did up his TPA last night.He will have another ultrasound tomorrow morning that we are Praying will show some good news.
Please pray for the TPA to start working and for no excessive bleeding.
Pray for his puffiness to start going down.
Pray for him to stay calm.

People have asked how they could help and we have always had our pride but now that we have NO clue how long we are going to be here a friend of mine has written something up..And to say the least I am very reluctant to posting it.We are so thankful for all your prayers and ask that you continue to pray for our sweet boy..

"If you or someone you know is at all capable of helping you can send a donation to
Rhonda James
8405 Seward Pk Ave south
seattle wa 98118
they are also in need of food and gas cards

food: McDonald's, taco bell, ect..

gas cards include Texaco, Safeway, and Exxon

if you cant donate any of these items you can still help

The Jame's have

3 children who could use some encouragement during this difficult journey.
they have 2 little boys
charlie is 6 and fortress is 4

They also have a daughter who is 21 and is currently in college and could use and encouraging letter to keep her spirits up and to keep going through with school

you can also keep up with Anthony journey by visiting his caring bridge site
please keep praying for baby Anthony"


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