Wednesday, June 23, 2010

As I write this I don't even know what to say. ..Anthony had a ultrasound and it showed no real change to the clots they are still there but the good news is that his body is making new vessels to his head.

We are going to try and wean him off some of his pain meds but to do this safely they need to put him on Presidex which is a sedative and he seemed to respond to it when he was on the ventilator.

He will start a New shot that will replace the Argatroban.
Please pray for us and Anthony as we have alot of questions and are going to hope to have a conference with all that are involved in his care.
Pray that Anthony will get the sleep he needs.
Pray for pain and his agitation that it will be managed .
Pray for peace for our family at this time


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