Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anthony had a little better night last night but he was still very restless.He got a 1 on 1 nurse so I got a little bit of sleep but it is hard to sleep in the same room with him and I am a very lite sleeper.
Anthony has a New Blood infection so he was started on Meropenen this morning,this is # 4 infection in 13 weeks we have been here.
We are waiting to hear from the Internal Radiologist and surgeons to see if it is safe to go in and try and break one of the main blood clots and put in a stint to help with the pressure in his head.We should hear something by hopefully this afternoon.
It is a very risky surgery especially since Anthony is already Immune compromised.
Please pray for Anthony to get some sleep and for his agitation.
Pray for the pressure in his head to subside.
Pray for all the doctors and surgeons discussing our son and how to treat him.He is a very complex case and we want to do what is best for Anthony and our family.

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