Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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"This is Lindsay Anthony's sister writing for my Mom and Dad. Today during the care meeting we had a doctors and caregivers for Anthony all around the table discussing the care. The first person to speak was the Doctor who specializes in hematology and clotting issues, She put a call into her colleagues from Denver Childrens who specializes in clotting. Together they went over Anthony's case and came up with a treatment plan that will not produce results right away but the hope is to keep his colleteral veins open and to help the veins that are open or forming to stay open and not clot off. As a part of this plan alot of test and monitoring will take place. these test are not without risk but right now this plan seems to be the best. My mom will update late when she has the time, right now she is holding sweet Anthony and loving on him.

With this new treatment we all have alot more hope and know that God is watching over sweet Anthony. The doctors have extubated Anthony this afternoon so we have been able to hold him and love on this sweet baby. This past 24 hours I have truly been able to witness the amount of people that have been touched by Anthony, we still do not know what plan God has for Anthony but I know we have a peace knowing that God is being glorified through this sweet baby.

As Anthony's sister I just wanted to say thank you for your prayers it is making a difference not only in Anthony's life but in the lives of everyone here at the hospital. God is still in the buisness of making miracles and although his road is long from over the hope we have for Anthony is enough to keep fighting.

Be blessed,

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